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The 3 Stages of Attraction

Why You Need to Take it Slowly to Build His Attraction For You

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In this article, I touched on the 3 stages in awakening a man's attraction for you. Let's continue to look at stage 2 where you get to know each other and have the potential to win his total devotion as well as his heart.

He's interested but...

So you know he's interested in you but there are 2 scenarios to this stage of the relationship. The first scenario is where he is open to and available for a relationship and interested in getting to know you further.

The second scenario is where he is not open to or not available or not interested in a committed relationship although he may be interested in having a physical relationship if you will let him. He won't necessarily tell you this though. At this stage you do not know him and you do not know what he is looking for. Therefore you will want to take things slowly, listen to what he is saying and take notice of how the acts towards you because it is important that you show him that you value and care for yourself.

He's not committed (yet)

Generally, at a very early stage, a man is not looking at you as long term relationship material, although if he is open to a relationship, he may be looking at you to see whether you might be. Therefore it is up to you to awaken this interest in him and show him that you are. How do you do this? You do it by projecting an attitude that says:

Many women are so desperate to move into the committed relationship phase that they ignore all the warning signs that show that he is not really looking for anything serious. This includes when he tells them that he's not looking for a relationship because he's been so hurt in the past. Often that absolves him of all responsibility for your feelings in his mind because you have been warned! Therefore, I repeat, you need to look out for yourself. Rather than rushing into it, taking things slowly will allow his attraction for you to build whilst avoiding scaring him off.

You're worth more

Is a man who isn't looking for a relationship really what you are after? Don't you feel that you deserve something a little better than that? The positive side of this coin is that when you know that you deserve more and refuse to put up with anything less than the best treatment, that's when you awaken his real interest and attraction in you, if he is open and available. Think about this long and hard - it's a win-win situation for you and for him. Because you protected and valued yourself, you did not allow him to hurt or use you. As a result of you holding back a little on your own crazy desire, you drove him crazy with desire for you. Or at least you didn't get hurt. Seriously, this attitude is how some women can win the man that no one else has managed to get close to.

Stand up for yourself and stand out

Women who fall over themselves to give to him whatever he wants without protecting themselves are ten a penny - they won't stand out in his mind because a single available catch of a man often has so many choices. But with a little patience, you can stand out in his mind and win his heart.

So, will you fall over yourself to give your all to a man who hasn't proven that he is worthy of you and then watch helplessly as he avoids your hurt and angry reactions? Or will you value yourself enough to know that you are worthy of something better and hold back to see where he wants to give? And in so doing, awaken the desire and longing of a man who is looking for a lady who stands out from the crowd? This is how dream relationships are made. It takes time and patience to build a true love that is never forgotten. That has to be worth thinking about, doesn't it?

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