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Can't Commit? Won't Commit?

What You Should Know If Your Man Isn't Asking For Commitment

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Do you want commitment from your man but just don't seem to be getting there? Perhaps he has given you a list of reasons why he can't commit or maybe you have no idea why he won't commit. Read the list below to ensure that you understand the basics of commitment before moving on to the list of specific steps to get a guy to commit.

Commitment Basics

You want commitment, but if he can't or won't commit, realise that you can't have it just because you want it. You can't make somebody want the same as you. It's highly unwise to pressurise him into something so important. Therefore you have to make your relationship great so that he wants to commit to you. If he won't commit and commitment is important to you, you may have to let him go and move on to someone who can give you what you want. In this case, continue to work on being a top quality woman, using the advice and recommended resources in this web site so that the next man who comes along will find you irresistible.

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