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First Date Advice

How to Get Through It - And Enjoy It!

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You've arranged to meet on a first date and you're all excited and not just a little nervous. Concentrate on enjoying the date and not on deciding already that this is your prospective future spouse.

When getting ready, look and smell nice, but don't spend hours getting ready, or if you must, certainly don't tell your date that you have done so. Do your best to be good company and to have fun. Stay positive and make sure you listen as well as talk.

Conversationally, avoid controversial topics such as sex, politics and religion and definitely ex-partners. Never ever put yourself down! Don't draw attention to your little imperfections, don't even worry about them; you are your own unique individual and loveable exactly as you are. You must believe this first for other people to believe it. Definitely avoid these dating mistakes. These are the reasons that many men just don't call back.

Please don't rush in there on the first date thinking that this is "the one", however fantastic the chemistry between you is. Remember that you don't know this man and things can change very quickly especially at the beginning of online dating. Bear in mind your relationship checklist and subtly ask the questions which will tell you whether this person meets your criteria. Remember that you are looking for someone special so don't just settle for the first man who comes along. You are special and you should value yourself enough to want a partner in life who makes you happy.

At the end of the date don't forget to thank your date. If you are interested in meeting again, let him know that you had a good time and would be interested in doing it again. However, don't pressurise him into making arrangements. If you like him but you're not sure if he likes you and you don't know whether it's appropriate to kiss but you'd like to, then a non threatening peck on the cheek or quick hug as you would a friend, should not be too threatening.

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