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Dating, Sex and the Masculine and Feminine Energies

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Ladies, what is it that we find attractive about the male sex? Have you ever stopped to think about the qualities that you have admired in previous partners or are likely to attract you in a future partner? It is normally the qualities that complement our femininity such as strength, leadership and the feeling of being cherished and protected. This is something which appears to be inbuilt in our nature. Opposite poles attract and the feminine is attracted to the masculine and vice versa.

So if what we like about men has alot to do with their maleness, then it stands to reason that they would also be very much attracted by our female qualities. The feminine is soft and nuturing, open, accepting and responsive. In this day and age where women are acting in a much more male capacity in the workplace, it seems to be that many of us have forgotten how to exude the feminine qualities which are so attractive to men. This may well be responsible for the problems that many women are experiencing in finding a suitable partner today.

So, let me tell you, that in your relationships, it really does pay to emphasize your feminine traits. If you feel comfortable, wear skirts or dresses when you go on a date. High heels are a great way to make you look and feel sexy. Paint your nails and let your hair flow. And smile more! Notice the compliments that you get from your date and resolve to do more of that in the future. Men love it when you speak in a soft voice, when you move your hips as you walk; they love those feminine curves.

In the dating phase, allow most of the initiation to come from the man. It's OK to take the lead occasionally but be prepared to back off if you don't get the required result. Show your interest in a flirtatious manner and then see what his response is. Weed out those who are not really interested or not prepared to make any effort. They are either the immature or the lazy or they are just not for you. It is also preferable to wait until he asks you out rather than to ask him. I realise that a lot of women are going to feel very frustrated by this advice as I did myself in the early days. However, to man the hunter the chase is a very important part of the process and you spoil this for him at your peril. So do not smother him with text messages and calls.

In the early stages of the relationship do not sleep with him. As frustrating as this is and as much as you want to, simply do not go there. If you have sex with him too soon, he will simply not see you as relationship material. How unfair that is but true! You have been warned!

In the beginning of a relationship, we tend to express our masculinity/femininity more naturally in our attempts to impress. However, as life takes over she may become disatisfied and start to nag and he defers to her for an easy life. The erosion of the masculine feminine polarity begins. Don't let this happen in your relationship. Help your man to feel like a man. Let him take the lead more often. Let him open doors for you and pay the bill or for the drinks. Accept his help when it is offered and learn to ask for it more in a positive way. Thank him and compliment him on his good behaviour. If you act like a lady, then he is much more likely to act like a gentlemen.

In return, allow him to be himself. Do not criticise or argue with him. There are better ways to handle disputes. Respect and admire him openly and show your gratitude for the things that he does for you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and don't be afraid to express your femininity, but let him know by not putting up with his bad behaviour, that you are not afraid to lose him if he doesn't live up to your expectations. If you can follow this advice then you will almost certainly bring out the best in a mature man.

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