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That Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

The Magical Ingredient that Attracts a Man

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What is it that men really go for in a woman? What makes them want to go that extra mile for you? Pick up any dating book and you will see references to that special something or group of qualities that men can't quite put their fingers on but they just know when a woman has it. "I don't know what it is about her but there's just something. She's really cool!" is what they normally say.

Many of us start off being cool for a guy but then somewhere along the line (usually quite quickly, when we think we might be "in there") we seem to lose it and the guy who seemed to be really into us starts to back off. I suspect most of us have been there at some point.

The Long-Term Attractor Factor

If you've come to this site wanting to know how to attract a guy, then there are lots of ways to get his attention in the beginning. You look good and you are fun and feminine. But forget the dresses, the heels, the perfume, the fabulous hair etc. All these have their place in attracting a man but they won't win him over for life if you don't have that certain something that makes you stand out from the crowd - that makes him see you as special.

She Doesn't Need Him at Any Cost!

So what is this certain "je ne sais quoi"? Who is this woman who drives men crazy and keeps them coming back for more? Well, she is confident, she knows that she deserves to be treated well, she smiles a lot, she is happy with herself and she likes men. She will tell a man early on if something bothers her so that she doesn't build up resentment to exploding point. She won't shout or yell but will express her feelings softly and succinctly. She doesn't say yes just to suit him. But most of all, she doesn't need him at any cost. And because of this, he doesn't get away with bad behaviour. If he doesn't make the grade, she is prepared to let him go. And knowing this he doesn't feel like he has a hold on her. So he has to keep working to get her and to keep her. And men love this.

Are You Prepared to Let Him Go?

Contrast this with the woman who isn't quite satisfied with him but doesn't want to lose her relationship for fear of being alone. She clings to a man as if the relationship is more important than her self-respect. She tries to fix him or the relationship and has no intention of letting him go. That's not so much fun for him and it doesn't work. Not feeling appreciated or loved for being himself, he backs off. And rather than let him go, she chases after him, to make sure he knows what he owes her in terms of "the relationship".

It's not that men are scared of relationships - he is just scared of choosing the wrong woman - one who will not be happy to be with him, who will take out her unhappiness on him and expect him to do something about it.

When you need a man at any cost, you are not doing yourself any favours. Not all men are suitable relationship material and often your need to cling doesn't allow you to see this. Oftern your terminal relationship dissatisfaction doesn't give a man the incentive to become the man you want.

The Importance of Being Selective

So the most important thing in being that cool woman is letting him see that you are selective about the men you date and that you are prepared to let any man, however cute, go. You are happy for him to be himself and based on that you will either select or reject him. But you won't try to change him. It's not something you say but something you show with your actions. It's a whole attitude of believing in yourself and that you deserve to be treated well and be with nothing less than that special man. It comes from within and it can't be faked. You either have it or you don't but don't worry it can be learnt - it just takes a little time, patience and determination.

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