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Early Relationship Advice - Why Dating May Be Failing For You
and What to Do About it

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How successful are your relationships? Have you been dating men without success? Perhaps you have a string of failed short term relationships behind you. Each time you meet a new man do you always think it is going somewhere only to find that it crashes and burns after a few months? You are not alone. Many women are experiencing dating failure because they don't know what works and what doesn't in dating. If you can't get a relationship off the ground you need to read this early relationship advice to find out where you are going wrong. Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing failure:

You Chase a Man

Man is naturally a hunter. If you chase after him by calling, texting or asking him out, he will be flattered at first. However your constant attention will soon become wearing for him. Once he knows he has you at his beck and call he will soon lose interest. So, give him his fun and let him work to get you. You spoil the chase at your peril - this will normally lead to dating failure.

You Have Sex With Him Too Soon

This is also related to the chase. Once he's had his prize then there's no longer anything left to pursue. If you sleep with him too soon, he will also wonder how many other men you slept with that quickly. It is essential that you hold out and don't give yourself away too easily. Making him wait will increase the attraction that he feels for you and create anticipation and excitement in your relationship.

You Become Demanding

Often this happens after you sleep with him. Now that you feel committed to him your secret list of relationship "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" comes into operation. As you start to become more serious and to assert your "rights", he feels the pressure of your expectations of him. No longer is the relationship so much fun for him and he starts to resist or pull away. To keep the pressure off, avoid the temptation to spend all your time with him. Make sure you keep up your own hobbies and interests and spend regular time with your girlfriends.

You Reveal Negative Emotions or Your Insecurity Too Early

When a man pulls away, a woman may become insecure and start to chase after him. She may overwhelm him with a barrage of calls and text messages demanding to know where he is and why she does not have his attention. He may hide himself away from her and when she eventually catches up with him she is liable to give him a piece of her mind. Her hysterical reaction and her criticism of him is usually the start of dating failure and is probably enough to break the relationship.

All these mistakes are interrelated and, from this you may be able to see that your attitude in relationships and understanding what works with men is of paramount importance. To avoid dating failure and succeed in relationships, it is essential to remain patient and keep any negative emotions in check in the early stages. Never reveal that you are desperate to have a committed relationship. If you can remain cool and calm whilst letting your man set the pace, you can have the successful relationship that you desire.

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