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How to Succeed at Dating and Find a Great Man

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For those women starting out on the dating path, perhaps after years in a relationship, the prospects can seem quite daunting. There is an abundance of advice out there and much of it conflicts with a modern "go-getting" woman's natural instincts. However one of the most important things is to find out what works and what doesn't. You may not like everything on this list but these are tried and tested methods and they have been proven to work. So if you have been experiencing dating failure, use these tips to help you succeed:

Be a Top Woman

Get your life together and fill it with the people and things that make you feel good. That way you are not desperately looking around for a man to fill the gap. Look after and pamper yourself as much as possible - do whatever you can to improve the way you feel about yourself. Believe in yourself, respect yourself and don't let a man take advantage of you. Look gorgeous at all times (well as much as possible anyway) and generally act like the prize that you are and you will succeed at dating.

Get Out There and Meet Men

The chances of him coming knocking at your door are slim. So get out there and meet men. Get into the habit of talking to people and becoming a more sociable person so when faced with the prospect of talking to a man, you will feel comfortable. Do internet dating or speed dating. Just keep practising and keep meeting until Mr Right shows up to sweep you off your feet.

Let Him Be a Man

Men's biological programming to be the hunter is very deeply ingrained and you ignore it at your peril. So... don't chase him, don't text, don't call him (well not very often, maybe as an occasional treat). Let him set the pace. Let him pay, especially in the beginning. He will love to treat you if he knows that you appreciate it. Give him space. Don't be tempted to spend all your time with him and don't pressurise him into seeing you more. Let him set the pace and watch to see whether the relationship builds up over time. Keep your options open if necessary, you don't need to be exclusive straight away and it is certainly not wise to commit early on.

Take Your Time to Get to Know Him and Find Out if You are Compatible

This is essential if you want to succeed at dating. Don't jump straight into a serious relationship with someone you hardly know. You might have hit it off but don't get carried away by the chemistry. Take your time to get to know him, who he is, what he stands for and how much he values having you in his life. If he has shortcomings, decide whether you can accept him as he is, Don't fall in love with his potential in the hopes that you can change him. A relationship is probably the most important thing in your life so don't settle for the first man that makes you feel OK.

Relax and Have Fun

Enjoy the times that you are with him and the times that you are on your own. If you can relax both when he is around and when he is not around and not get caught up in the process of trying to control him into providing for your own needs then you stand a good chance of dating success. Realise that there are times when he will want some space away from you and, at these times, don't allow yourself to get sucked down into a spiral of neediness if you start to feel insecure. Let him show you who he is, then you can decide if he is the one for you.

Stay Positive

Don't put yourself or other people down, especially other men. Don't talk about your ex(es). Don't tell him how desperate you are to have a relationship or get married or have kids. Whilst he will want to be your protector later in the relationship, you cannot afford to introduce him to all your greatest fears before he has got to know you. Stay positive for dating success.

Let Him Go Early If He's Not the One

Don't waste your time if your instinct tells you he's not the one for you. If he's negative, immature or displays any bad or hurtful character traits. Get out quick if he's not the one. You can better spend your time looking for Mr Right than trying to fix Mr Wrong. To truly succeed at dating you should always love yourself more than you love being in a relationship. That way you can let the losers go and move on to finding the relationship of your dreams. Good Luck! I wish you dating success.

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