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What Do Guys Find Attractive?

Attraction 101 - Learn the Basics

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So, what do guys find attractive? Well, whilst you may be able to get yourself noticed purely on good looks alone, there is so much more to attracting a man and keeping him interested over the long-term. The sort of attraction that draws a guy close and keeps him interested is communicated on a subtle level. Often for the woman who is asking what guys find attractive, her relationships are not going quite as she would wish.

Often it is not the women who look the best who seem irresistible and inspire commitment in a man, but those women who had good female role models for their relationships. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that is not the majority of us. Many of us who saw our mothers or carers struggle to get their needs met or their voices heard in their relationships with men may be at a disadvantage and may need to relearn their relationship skills.

There are 3 basic building blocks to attraction and you need to develop all 3 to inspire devotion in your man. These are:


This includes passion and being comfortable with your sexuality and your femininity. I'm sure that I don't need to tell you that men love sex and this is an important part of any healthy relationship. But there is much more to it than that. In today's society it almost seems as if femininity is considered weak and something to be ashamed of. But believe it or not men are attracted to us because we are feminine. There is so much power in the feminine that most of us are not aware of. When you emphasize your feminine aspects and traits, you will become much more attractive to men.


Are you generally a positive or negative person? Are you funny or sad? Are you fully alive or are you dragging yourself through each day as though it's a chore. Humour and zest for life are incredibly attractive as is being independent enough to have your own hobbies and interests. Make sure you have a full life; then you are much more interesting. Let your personality shine out and make sure the time you spend with him is fun so he keeps coming back for more.


This comes back to your feminine traits. Everybody wants to be loved. Most men need to feel cared about and nurtured. Kindness is a trait that is most attractive to men. But don't be too kind - some women are tempted to give too much too soon and it won't be appreciated.

Strike a Balance to Keep Him Coming Back for More

These are the basic things guys find attractive. But you have to keep a balance. If you only offer nurture without sensuality and personality then you will come across as a mother figure. If you offer sexuality only, he will have sex with you but won't come back for more. If he can't see the sensual part of you at all, you will end up in the friendship zone. If you want to attract guys, you have to know when to give and when to hold back.

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