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Forgiveness - How to Forgive Others

How Do You Forgive When People Do You Wrong?

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Are you still holding on to nightmares of that ex from years ago? The one who got away? Or the one you spent 20 years of your life with? Are you still grumbling and mumbling about guys and why they are a waste of space? Are you angry and resentful towards men... or one man in particular? Or perhaps just the ones that you have had relationships with? Or who have let you down?

If you are, then I'm here to tell you that it is time to forgive. Forgive those men! Forgive yourself! Reclaim your power, your sanity and your peace of mind by learning to forgive. Find tips and help on forgiveness and how to forgive others when they do you wrong.

What is Forgiveness?

Simply... letting go of the anger and resentment that you feel towards another for something you feel that they have done to you that was wrong... or how they have "made" you feel. Usually whatever has happened is in the past and our resentment and anger keep it alive in the present because we feel justified in holding on to our negativity around the situation or person. Now, I am not saying that your feelings are not justified, just that they may not be serving you. And I am not belittling your hurt. So please keep reading to find out why and how you can start to forgive.

Forgiveness is not generally going to be easy. It can take time and involves accepting what has happened and even looking at how you may have contributed to the situation. At the very least it is about losing the victim mentality and looking at what needs to change in the future. Forgiveness is about releasing YOUR feelings; it's not really even about the other person or people involved.

Why Should I Forgive People Who Have Done Me Wrong?

For the sake of your health and sanity, you should try to forgive others for what you feel that they have done to you. Resentment and anger wear us down, physically and mentally. These negative feelings become bad mental habits, bleeding into all our relationships and causing harm and disharmony everywhere. When you realise that it is yourself that you are hurting by refusing to forgive and not the person who has wronged you, perhaps you will find it in your heart to let go.

What is Forgiveness NOT?

Forgiveness is not about excusing or condoning someone's behaviour. It is not about staying in a relationship where someone's behaviour is unacceptable. You need to do whatever it takes to get away and stay away from someone who is abusive towards you. It's not about trusting the other person again. Some people are not to be trusted - they will continue to let you down if you will let them. So don't use forgiveness as an excuse to stay in a relationship with a man who is not worthy of you. Often a decision to forgive may involve a decision to stop seeing or contacting the person who has wronged you.


Accept that what has happened has happened. You have been hurt but you survived and you are not going to let this matter spoil any more of your life. Find the willingness to let it go, for the sake of yourself, even if you don't know how to do it. Resentment and anger spoil your chance of a happy life. For your own sake, it's time to forgive.

Find out how to forgive others here... ...or watch the video below to learn how to forgive when you have been wronged.

Forgiving Others Conclusion - So Are You Willing to Forgive?

So, have I convinced you that it is time to forgive - to let go of past hurts and resentment? To stop letting them seep into your current relationships and allowing them to taint your life. Forgiveness isn't easy but it is important... so make it a gift that you gie to yourself and others. Release yourself from the bondage of the past and let the new, loving, forgiving you rise to the surface.

P.S. Don't forget that forgiveness doesn't mean that you should take him back - only men who have proven their worth will be entitled to claim that prize.

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